Covid-19 Virus

Like everyone else, we at Oakfield Plumbing and Heating have been affected by the Coronavirus. We are constantly monitoring government and medical advice, changing how we operate as a business to best protect our customers and employees.

If you or someone in your household are displaying systems of COVID-19 (click here for NHS advice), please inform us BEFORE we attend your property.

These are the current steps we are taking to protect our customers as of 8th June 2020:

  • Symptoms

    Before any engineers starts their shift, they are asked if they or a member of their household display any symptoms of Coronavirus. Please note, this does mean that we may have to re-schedule your appointment at short notice.

  • Check

    Before our engineer enters a property, they will ask if the customer or other member of the household has any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

  • Gloves

    Our engineers will wear disposable gloves while working at a customers property.

  • Mask

    Our engineers wear special anti-bacterial coated masks to protect our customers from accidental sneezing, coughing and spreading of the virus (should we unknowingly be infected).

  • Safe distance

    As per government guidance we aim to keep a 2m distance where possible

  • Wash

    Our engineers will ask each customer to be able to wash their hands while they are at each of our customers property. If this is not practical, we have hand sanitiser as a back-up measure.

  • Teams

    Due to the nature of our work, there will be times that our engineers need to work in close proximity to each other. This is why we have one dedicated team who will interact only with each other to minimise any risk of spreading the virus to other staff members.

  • Clean

    Our Engineers have been instructed to wipe down any surfaces that they may have come in contact while working at a property. 

  • Shoes

    Our engineers have been instructed not to take off their shoes and wear shoe covers instead.

  • Payment

    Our engineers have been instructed not to take cash or cheques at this time. We do have the facility to take payments via debit or credit card.

These are the current steps we ask our customers to take:

  • Payment

    We will be taking an up front payment to secure your appointment. This can done via phone or email. Please note we are unable to accept cash or cheques for the time being.

  • Check

    Before our engineer enters your property, please check to see if you have a continuous cough or high temperature. If you do please inform us straight away so we can take appropriate measures.

  • Safe distance

    While our engineer is at your property please isolate your self in another room and maintain a 2m safe distance at all times

  • Wash

    Once our engineer has completed the task, please allow them to wash their hands to help protect our next customer and our own staff.

  • Clean

    Once we have left, please clean all surfaces that we may have been in contact including door handles that may have touched on entering and exiting your property.

From all of us at Oakfield Plumbing and Heating we would like to thank our customers for their understanding and support. We would like to especially say thank you to all of the NHS, key-workers and others that have played such a vital role in these difficult times.